Friday, May 4, 2012

Summer Circle Skirts

After all my bluster about sewing with knits, I’ve still done very little with them. I did make one very full, very long skirt from a super-soft jersey, but I immediately wore it out to dinner and as a result, it’s now in the laundry basket.

I have finished some other projects in the pile. Here are three linen skirts based on a circle skirt calculator that The SnugBug made. Lots and lots of people have been making circle skirts recently, but I liked her post because she has an Excel spreadsheet! Yaaay!

Due to fabric limitations, mine ended up only being half-circles, but they have a nice fullness and drape to them. In fact, I think a full circle might even be a bit too much for me.

This one is my favorite, because it’s loooong. At 40”, it’s about ankle-length. 

This is an olive linen/rayon blend that was way down in the stash. I think it was from Fashion Fabrics Club, many months ago.

The top is my sole surrender to the Liberty fabric craze, which I noted here.

This is a black and white, linen/cotton blend chambray. I can’t find the label, and I don’t remember where I got this one. It’s a very nice weight, just slightly heavier than shirting, and soft. It does wrinkle a lot!

The skirt’s about 30” long, in the below knee – mid-calf range. I did a ½ inch machine topstitched hem on all the skirts. With miles of hand embroidery still on the agenda, I didn’t want to burn out my eyes by hand-sewing hems.

I drafted the gathered pocket myself and somehow thought it would be wider. But I kind of like the interesting narrow shape. As long as I can put my hands in, that’s what counts.

The top was made during last year’s Sorbetto excitement, in a very nice lawn also from Fashion Fabrics Club.

And of course I had to have a colorful pattern in the group!

Is there anything more summery than this beach print? The fabric is made for Hot Cottons and I got it from It’s one of those super-wrinkly, crunchy linens that you have to just give up and wear it crumpled.

What to do with a single, enormous, yellow button? I finally found a use for it!

That’s it for sewing. I hope to finish one of my “secret projects” and send it off to the recipient very soon. Then I can finally share it with you!

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. You've been busy! Three great skirts.
    The yellow button's fab.

    Thanks again for the guidance towards Ruth Conerly - just shown Pete and my daughter (both very impressed).

  2. Great skirts and I love the gathered pockets.I must be the only person in the world who has not made a sorbetto..but I like to live a reckless life.
    Keep on with the jersey/stretch knits they are great fun!

  3. Would you be interested in selling the beach theme skirt?