Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pink Week: The Caftan is Back

More pink! This lovely creation dates back to December, when I started on a huge caftan adventure and cut out four garments but only managed to sew up two of them.

I love this pattern and I knew I had to make something of it, but I was torn between a cool, Mediterranean look in white cotton gauze or sheer linen, and a bold, bright print.

Of course BOLD won out, especially when I found this rayon print for $2.50/yard at my local discount fabric store.

It’s a very dark pink, with a brilliant design in green, blue, brown, gold, and white.

The construction is your standard bodice-gathered-into-yoke design. The stand collar is a single straight piece, easy to attach to the neckline now that I’ve figured out the theory of curve-clipping enough to put it into practice. Side seam pockets, elastic at the sleeve cuffs, all pretty straightforward stuff. But it does make a dramatic statement with all that bright color!

It’s such a versatile garment! Anything from apr├Ęs-swim to breakfast with the Golden Girls. And, in case you were wondering, I did manage to resist purchasing that amazing wedge-shaped caftan pattern featured yesterday.

Still to come, more pink. I’d like to get one more piece done this week!


  1. Gorgeous.
    Breakfast with the Golden Girls sounds fun to me!

  2. LOVE it! Caftans make me very happy!

  3. This fabric just suits a caftan perfectly.All of the ones that you have made look really good...the burn out rayon is a favourite of mine but this pink one is up there too.I have considered making a caftan but it would have to be of such a thick fabric to retain warmth in this weather that I think that you would not be able to move with the yardage required due to total weight.

  4. It looks wonderful and I hope you have enjoyed wearing it. This pattern has been in my stash for a few years but I want to make soon - at long last.