Monday, May 7, 2012

Gifts: Fun Recycled Crafts on Etsy

Last week my friend gave me the cutest little notebook. (I was going to try to avoid the words "cute" and "awesome", but I can't do it.) The covers are made from recycled cardboard boxes and the writing paper is also recycled.
 A perfect slogan for me

The giver of the gift said she found all sorts of amazing things from this Etsy seller, so of course I had to go investigate Ivy Lane Designs.
Crayon duckies!

Wow! The owner of the shop is named Merrill, and she has so many amazing and cute ideas. She recycles everything! Crayons, cereal boxes, album covers, game boards, matchboxes, music sheets, maps, flashcards, and the list just goes on. I think it would be easy to find a little gift for anyone and everyone on your list at this shop.
I LOVE these bee boxes.

 Merrill has such a great eye for striking graphics,

 Pop icons,
And pithy quotes.

As you know, I have a real love for crafting with recycled materials, and it’s wonderful to see these shop items that are nicely made and seem to be selling very well. Awesome! Let’s support Merrill and all the other crafters who are keeping reusable stuff out of the landfills!



  1. Thanks for the tip-off.
    I trying to avoid using too many exclamation marks myself!!!!

  2. Wonderful lead; thank you! It sounds like just the thing for me!

  3. Thanks for this, Katrina - I'd never seen that Shaw quote before, and it's a great one : >