Monday, May 14, 2012

Pink Week: A Wearable Muslin

I’m going to sew all pink this week! I know that The Sew Weekly did their pink thing last week, but my upcoming adventures in pink are completely unrelated to that challenge, and in fact are pretty much accidental.

The whole thing started with some weird fabric that I put into my muslin pile because I couldn’t imagine wearing the stuff. It’s odd. Closer to hopsacking than anything else, it has a slightly rough, loose weave. Due to the open weave, it’s also somewhat transparent. I initially thought it might have some rayon, but the threads are slightly stiff and shiny, so I'm leaning toward polyester. 

The color is also odd. I think it started out as fuchsia or flamingo, but it had some faded streaks. Since it was only $1.99 for a couple of yards (sale at Savers!) I didn’t worry about washing it several times in bleach, which faded it slightly and toned down the streaks. The color now is a sort of light raspberry, lighter than what is showing in these photos.

The pattern is also a bit odd. Culottes would never have occurred to me, if I hadn’t been seduced by the cuteness of this pattern art: 
No date, maybe early 80s?

Don’t the cartoon ladies look beautiful in their culottes? I especially love the white pair with the cute little espadrilles.

The fabric suggestions are varied – you can use anything from challis to corduroy. My pink mystery fabric looked like a good candidate for a muslin.  

This is an EASY pattern! I cut the front and back of the size 14 with no adjustments, assuming the pleats would add enough ease for my size 16 hips, and added several inches to the waistband, to be fit later.
the back is pleated like the front

They went together just like any trouser pattern – pleats, inseam, crotch seam, outer seam – which was lucky since I misplaced the instructions at some point. (I know I will find them in some other pattern envelope, years from now.)
The waistband was even easy to do, including the point at the front. Maybe I’m finally getting good at this stuff!

The only real trick is the side opening which is incorporated into the pocket. This was not a big deal since I had just done the same opening on the sailor pants

Yes, things are looking a bit sloppy inside; I was using up old thread and whatnot since it was meant to be a muslin.

The surprise came when I finished these and decided I really like them.
At first the pleats stuck out and were very puffy, but I pressed them down (an advantage of synthetics) and they look pretty good.
Now my problem is I have a nice wearable muslin that is a bit too see-through. I suppose a set of tap pants is in order.

Next up: I still have pink thread in the machine, and lots of pink fabrics in the UFO pile! How much can I get through?


  1. I love that colour. Your sewing is great as always - that pointed yoke would definitely beat me. Look forward to seeing the rest of your pinks.
    Nice when things work out better than expected isn't it?

  2. Wearable muslins are just so wonderful. I have made muslins with fashion fabric in the past; sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. What a great outcome to get a wearable garment when you weren't even going for it!

    A pair of Spanx shorts would be perfect under those culotteses IMHO.

    Enjoy them!