Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pink Week: Finally Finished

I finally managed to get a grip on the pink cherry dress. The odd facing required a couple of pinnings, bastings, and head-shakings, but I finally got some dots matched to other dots and the whole thing seems to look okay. I stitched up a partial lining and inserted it before I tacked the facings down, so everything is nice and neat.

I think it’s a quite nice 40s or 50s housedress look. I love the fabric and I’m glad I used a bit of the sage green print to tone down the sweetness of the pink cherries. The only visible (to me) flaw is the odd placement of the buttons; I thought I compensated for the horizontal pull by moving the buttonholes slightly to the right of center, now I’m wondering if I accidentally moved them in the opposite direction! Not a big deal though, and the buttons are not very prominent.

I thought of posting a pattern review for this but I checked and found that that were already 29 reviews! It was funny to see that half of the reviewers were, like me, big crankypants about the collar and/or interfacing and the other half were perfectly happy with the whole thing. I probably won’t make this one again until I run through all the other shirtdress options in my collection.

To finish off pink week, I used up the last yard of the pink striped jersey for a top.

When I first started draping it, my vision for the top was to have horizontal stripes at one shoulder and vertical stripes at the other. In the finished garment, the transition actually gets a bit muddled with all the layers and folds.

Look what I found!

Staring at pink and blue stripes all day reminded me that I had something like this, so I had to go searching. I have a couple of drawers full of old costume jewelry collected over the years. Unfortunately I can’t remember when or where I collected this cute thing, but I know it must be more than 20 years old.

I think I’m all done with pink for a while, but I still have a stack of UFOs to get through. Plus, I think there may be more garden photos coming up soon.



  1. This looks a gorgeous housecoat/dress to me and can't see any problem with the button placement.Now that pink week is over what colour are you going to tackle next?

  2. Hi Ms. Rustic, I thought I was going to do a batch of yellow and gold things, but now I'm waffling about a bunch of unfinished tote bags. Not thrilled about them, but they take up so much space in their unfinished state and I'm tired of them giving me guilt trips every time I set foot in the room. We will see whether guilt or inspiration wins next week!

  3. Beautiful colour combination. Beautiful sewing as always.

    Interested to see your garden. How's your weather? We've finally had some sunshine - 16 degrees C today but still the sea breeze to make it seem cooler. My tomato seedlings are up (on the windowsill indoors)

  4. You are so incredibly talented. I really like the outfits you make. I especially like the black and pink combination. Keep up the good work!

  5. I adore the house dress; the fabric combo is stunning! And I can see what you envisioned with the stripes of the top; it will be more evident on, I bet. That pin is perfect! You've made my case for hanging onto things, as well. The few times that I have gone looking for something that I gave away because I was sure that I would never wear it again have convinced me to hold onto the things that make me smile. And funky pins surely do!