Wednesday, December 12, 2012

200th Post: I've Seen Some Things

I wanted to share a few images I captured in my travels, but which didn’t quite fit into my earlier blog posts for whatever reason.

Why doesn’t anyone ever photograph the back  of a peacock?

An old piece of honeycomb in a field – how did it get there?

Really cool graphics in a Healdsburg, CA shop window (too bad about the poor photo quality!)

Normally I wouldn’t be happy to see a vegetable garden pest, but I like this ghostly image of a cabbage white moth floating over someone else’s broccoli.

On Friday I will have a few more flora and fauna pics to share.



  1. There's never anything wrong with a cool but random photo!
    Pete wants the peacock for it's feathers.

  2. I love the snippets of life you've captured - from moths over broccoli to vintage animals in a shop window. Aren't photography and a watchful eye a great combination?