Monday, December 17, 2012

It's a Race to the Finish

I used to be that annoying person who finished Christmas shopping in October and sent out cards in November.
Then I’d have December free to bake cookies and decorate every room in the house.

Not any more! I’m a last-minute, under-pressure person now. I just looked at last year's December posts and realized I'm running even further behind than I was then.
I waited about a week too long to get my little Christmas tree, and there was a huge rainstorm that we had to wait out (yes! In the desert!). Finally we rushed out between downpours, but we now have a very wet and muddy tree.
Cards - sent!
I just sent out the cards, finally, even though they’ve been ready for more than a month.

 Chefs’ gifts - sewn!

I powered through some of the gift sewing this weekend, but for some of the other gifts, I don’t even have the fabric yet! 

Now, I want to bake cookies…

How are your holiday preparations going?



  1. Way behind schedule here with my cards. But it's feeling very Christmassy - the tree was bought and decorated today!

  2. I'm behind too and considering not even doing cards. But your chef's aprons are darling.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments -
    I will be ok for X-mas got time now to cook a storm, well you know already -
    Mr D is behind no gifts bought yet- i have one to buy still, doing pretty good
    It has been snowing since Saturday here, looks like x-mas alright!

  4. I'm so far behind that a few of the presents I was going to finish for Christmas are now going to be worked on in January and February and probably sent out for birthday gifts as the new year progresses. Oh well. But my cards were sent more than a week ago and I just picked up the Christmas ham.
    Love your cards, by the way.

  5. We got the tree up. It seems like a lot of work to get the lights and all the ornaments up, but K helped a lot with the ornaments this year and it sure is nice when it's done. Got pictures of K in front of the tree (be forewarned: this is the last year she wants to do it) and got them processed at Costco. We finally got our cards out. We made some peppermint brownies (with candy cane bits) for ourselves and plain ones for the school bake sale. I took over 300 pictures of the Winter Sing for the school. A and I are ready for a long winter's nap, while K is ready for a long winter snap (she desperately wants a white Christmas)! :-)